I am Zak Francis Bentley.

I work remotely from where I live in the south of France, I know, I know, I’m not trying to be smug, I just really like sunshine, mountains and baguettes.

I have been designing websites for over 12 years, and for a long time, it was a side hustle alongside working in the film industry as a rigger and camera operator. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me as this skill made me a much more useful person to hire. In fact my entire resume as a camera operator in the film industry can be traced back to assisting people who I also built websites for. Since the “time that shall not be named” started, I have had to fall back on my remote work and as such, I have fallen back in love with it, so here I am now, with a design-specific business and professional clientele.

Beyond design, I am also a Filmmaker, Photographer, and woodworker. The first two lend themselves well to digital content, but woodworking is where I go to get back into touch with the analog world.