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I am Zak Francis Bentley

I work remotely from where I live in the south of France, I know, I know, I’m not trying to be smug, I just really like sunshine, mountains and baguettes.

I have been designing websites for over 12 years, and for a long time, it was a side hustle alongside working in the film industry as a rigger and camera operator. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me as this skill made me a much more useful person to hire. In fact my entire resume as a camera operator in the film industry can be traced back to assisting people who I also built websites for. Since the “time that shall not be named” started, I have had to fall back on my remote work and as such, I have fallen back in love with it, so here I am now, with a design-specific business and professional clientele.

Beyond design, I am also a Filmmaker, Photographer, and woodworker. The first two lend themselves well to digital content, but woodworking is where I go to get back into touch with the analog world.

Live examples


A responsive website for a charitable foundation that has sustainability at heart. That’s why the website is hosted on my Greengeeks server which Means the website is 300% negative.


A dynamic website for a Sports team using custom post types and advanced custom fields to create a website that loads content dynamically with front-end admin and user profiles.


A responsive website for a Tree Surgery Business. The client wanted to keep things simple and retain control and editability so I built this custom website using Squarespace.


A dynamic website for a Rope Access company with Graphics design elements. This company wanted a wow factor statement for their clients, so we combined video assets and custom graphic designs in order to create an engaging and dynamic landing page.


A niche blog site optimised for speed and ranking.

This site is designed for two things, speed and ranking. It is 95+ on page speed, and indexes regulary no.1 in google for its niche-related terms.


I am now pleased to be able to offer subscription packages for website maintenance and design requests. Please see the details below for more information on whats included. I can also offer to host your site, please contact me for more details.





  • Website Maintenence
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • 3 Design Requests or 1 Content Design





  • Website Maintenence
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • 15 Design Requests
  • 1 Content Design





  • Website Maintenence
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • 30 Design Requests
  • 3 Content Design





  • Website Maintenence
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • Unlimited Design Requests
  • Unlimited Content Design


Website Maintenance includes all updates, monthly backups, analytics reports, and a security audit (simple or standard sub = basic audit, super sub = advanced security audit).


Website Troubleshooting includes minimizing any downtime, troubleshooting any issues, correcting any errors and error codes*, and getting the website back online in case of errors.

*For clients using our hosting server, this includes all client-side and server-side errors. For clients not using our server, this is limited to solving client-side errors and troubleshooting and communicating with hosting providers for server-side errors.


A design request refers to any single design alteration or addition to your website. for example, change colour of a button, add a heading, change fonts etc…

Larger design requests can be created by adding together single requests depending on how complicated the large request is. For example, create a new page, add a slider, change layout of a form etc…


Content Designs are the creation of, or alteration of additional digital content for your business. For example, a flyer, banner ad, business card, logo etc…


All request counters reset each month of your subscription and do not accumulate. 

Each request is added to your own individual queue which you can order in priority. The highest priority item is added to my work queue, spread evenly between clients. This means that revisions on any request are unlimited, each additional revision is simply added back to the work queue as your highest priority request.

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